Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Not An Option

I was browsing facebook and I seen that someone was loosing hope in God. Then I thought to myself, "how can we give up so easily?" This wasn't the first time that I've seen it either. I am not the best Christian in the world or the holiest but how can one have the audacity to act in such a way. Believe me, I have my faults too!

I've had times where I wanted to give up and leave this world but something on the inside quickly, like the next instant pushed those thoughts out of my mind and filled it with some truth. Could we as soldiers of God really go out like that? Where would I go? It's like taking a test you've studied so hard for and then you reach some questions you've never seen a day in your life and you simply hand in the towel. Is quitting really an option? My God did not raise me like that!

When I reach the end I want the satisfaction of actually going through finishing this race. There will be no room for possibilities or what-if's. Maybe I live too carefree but life is not that hard. It's the decisions that we make that makes life hard.