Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I started attending the Christian Fellowship meetings a week ago. So today was my second meeting. This Christian Fellowship is not just for Christians. It is also for those who don't believe, have a bit of understanding etc. Everyone is invited. But today a guest speaker came in and talked on the subject of evil. The essence of his talk was that evil is within and is a characteristic of human nature rather than God wanting us to suffer as a people.

During the Q&A session a guy asked (I am paraphrasing), if God is so powerful and omnipotent then why doesn't He just stop all the evil and natural disasters occurring? Of course it took him a long time to say it so I was thinking well this is how it goes and I raised my hand. The speaker addressed the guy's question but to me it wasn't a simple answer to digest. I really wanted to speak but I shyed away because I didn't want to talk in a room full of people. What do I know? So it was a battle within and I decided not to speak. But the speaker didn't forget about my half raised hand. He pointed to me to "ask a question" and I said "it wasn't a question, it was a comment, forget it." Then he stared. Silence. I said do you want me to share. And he nodded. So I shared my belief with the room. In short, I said, "God made the world so we can live in it. He doesn't want to create puppets out of us. He wants us to do it willingly." The speaker looked at me as if he were thinking and said I'll think about what you just said and I'll get back to you. But I knew he wasn't going to get back to me because time was almost out and how could he think on my question when he had to be focused on the other questions being asked. I didn't let it phase me too much though. And I was right, he never addressed me after he "thought" about my comment. As long as the guy understood where I was coming from, I was cool. It doesn't hurt to just throw it out there.