Sunday, January 31, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

There is really no place like home. That's all I thought about when I was visting my friends' church today. She's been asking me to come with for almost a year now and finally I decided to go. She is a different denomination than my church but all in all they're pretty much the same. But I was excited to go because I never visted another church before besides going to council which doesn't really count.

We walked in and immediately we went to the balcony. I wanted to sit on the floor because that's where I was used to sitting. But we followed. We sang praise and worship songs, heard selections from the choir, greeted the guests and some more stuff. The whole time I was like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I kept telling myself, "there is no place like home, there is no place like home." And the classic, "At Bethel we'd do it like this, at Bethel we'd do it like that." I am just so accustomed to the way my church is it felt like everything else was wrong. It was more of going through the motions than actually going to the church to be healed and delivered.

I was a bit home sick. I kept looking at the clock and wondering what they were doing at home. "welp, it's 12:10, praise is worship should be stepping down. 12:40, the preacher should be going up." Surely, there is no place like home. I am blessed beyond measure to have a home like Bethel. Boy do I love my church. Can't wait to get back there and for my friends to visit so we can show them how Bethel does it.


This semester I am taking a few classes on Africa. And is all of the readings it talks about how African history was suppressed for many years because the way they keep their history isn't the same way Americans keep their history. They also bring out the Africans aren't understood by those around them because the people who go there to study them observe rather than learn one of the languages. What they say in Africa may be taken in totally different context here in America, so the language is very important.

I say all of this because I feel very much like the suppressed African culture. People look at me and see what they want to see. When they look at my life or me as a person they make assumptions and judge me from how they would react. As a child of God I understand what I've learned thus far. As a child of God I without a doubt know who is Sovereign and Most High. I understand. Right now spiritually I am in awe at who my God is. I'm dazed. Literally. I am frozen. And naturally it is the opposite. But I know those natural thoughts are those of the flesh and the flesh is that of the enemy. As I sit and meditate, every lesson that is in my head filters through my mind and most of the time I can correlate where I heard this lesson and who taught it. I feel like one of the griots in Africa because I can recall my spiritual life, my history. The griots only share what is important to keep the country going and in tact. They also know all the "secrets" (as they call them) but they never share them.

I am like African history just waiting to be discovered.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweet Revenge

As I was taking a shower, I was thinking about if people can get revenge on God. That was a funny thought. I started thinking about that because as I was praying for my friend in Haiti all these weird thoughts were coming to mind, the good, the bad and the ugly. But I continued to pray and when I stopped I asked myself that, "Could someone like me get revenge on God?" I know most people will say the easy and most obvious comeback which is you cannot battle with God. But I will go a little deeper.

In order to get revenge, someone has to do you wrong or hurt you in some type of way. First off, we cannot seek vengeance on God because He never does us wrong. It is usually us who do us wrong. Like the preacher said, God is trying to give us a net of fish but we want to catch them one by one. Just because it didn't happen our way doesn't mean that it was the wrong way. We as human under estimate God and think of ourselves as mightier than He (I feel sorry for those who think like that though). Second off, by getting back at God, he'll get back at you and show you who He really is. Point blank.

The Haiti Earthquake

God is definitely good! Everyone knows about the Haiti earthquake. Most of the people who are close to me parents' are from Haiti and moved here to America. So they have family down there. My close friend went down there to spend time with family before she went back to school. When my other friend called me and told me the news I tried so hard to stay positive but tears began to flow. I searched and searched the Internet to see more about it, nothing. The worse part was my friend who told me the news and I had to work the overnight shift, so our other friend was on our minds all night. I told her we just have top pray and remain positive. We kept calling her cell phone with no success. Then the next day, mid-afternoon, my friend that was in Haiti was able to call her sister to let her know she was safe. Once my friend called me to relay the message, it felt like the whole world just came off of my shoulders. I just praised God!

Don't take anyone or anything for granted because you're not always guaranteed to tell them. Some of what was going through my head was how I never told her what she means to me. Even though we all rocked together in high school and still kept in contact through college, we took it for granted. So I can't wait until she comes back so I can squeeze her and tell them all that I love them. I thank God for them.

P.S make sure you donate some way some how..

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chin Up, Stomach In, Shoulder Back

It is time to start making moves in the Lord. I just have to trust Him and know that everything will work out for the better. If I don't then I would have what we call "wavering faith" and we all know those type of people NEVER make it to the Lord. I just have to keep my chin up and no matter what I walk on, I have to trust God that He will definitely see me through. Whether it means to be without people for some times or to just be plainly unconfortable. It's about spiritual growth. Listen to the voice in my head which I know is my Father.

Honestly, I "fall" for the tricks of the enemey because of the fear of what I will become in the Lord. I falter so I can take those steps backward only to move back into the same spot again. New level. After hearing Dr. Jeffers and him enlightening me through 1 Timothy 1:7, I came to the conclusion that the devil fears what I will become in the Lord. God does not instill fear in His children, only ambition to better ourselves. So I am going to take that and run!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Preach Dr Jeffers, Preeeach

Sometimes we, well I need that extra push and man oh man is Dr Jeffers doing that. When I am being preached and taught to and it really touches the depths of my soul, I can no way no how get it out of my mind. Just like the 2009 conference: The Gathering. Something inside of me will never let me forget that trio. It's like I moved up and when I get discourage those days just replay in my mind to help me stand taller. I won't sink lower than I was on that day and now after Dr. Jeffers preaching these last two day, I think this is my next stepping stone, a challenge to myself.

Today he taught about our sins and how they negate what God is doing and His purpose for his children as a whole. When we sin and do things contrary to God's will, it gives the devil reason to rub it in God's face. Jeffers used the example of a parent raising a kid from birth then at the age of 16 or 17 a stranger comes along and takes your kid that you've raised. The parent is equivalent to God and the stranger is equivalent to the devil. We were all born and come from God and when we come into this world we CHOOSE the other side by doing those things contrary to the Father.

He also taught that the things that we do and what makes our personality and character project who we serve. If we do things out of our own will and feel we can do them on our own and for our glory we are serving the wrong god. But if we act out of love and choose to do the will of the Most High then we serve the Almighty God.

Know who you SERVE!! Do the things of God and live holy. It's time to make a change. Just know that which ever choice you make, right or wrong, God will always be there to see you through. Just trust, believe and have faith. Don't give the devil an opportunity to put our God to shame through our sins. We have to represent out Father, it is bigger than us.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Transformation Before Translation

I have to shout this man out. Dr. Gerald Jeffers is THE man! You all should youtube him or something. He speaks so much truth that it is scary. I even contemplated whether I should go to the service or not. But I went because so many things were telling me to go. So I went and the word was awesome. It was "Transformation Before Translation."

Simply put he spoke on how we should be transformed BEFORE we are translated. Translating is taking from one form and putting it in another. So what he was getting at is God cannot translate us in better and new situations until we are transformed because we will NOT be able to withstand in the situations we wish to be translated into unless we have the right heart and mind. If we don't then where we want to go would be pointless because we'll be right back at square one. Get it?

So we have to make up our minds to be transformed so our situations can be better. We have to LET God do what He does in us to be transformed. Instead of fighting the enemy we tend to fight God then blame it on Him because we believe in our minds that He HAS to make everything right. In order for God to be obligated to do something for us we have to first commit ourselves to Him and prove ourselves. We cannot reap without sowing.

But check Dr Jeffers out. I KNOW he is on youtube and stuff.