Monday, September 21, 2009

Caution: It's Stated Real Clear

Be careful how you treat others. Be careful how you act toward others. Caution. Be careful with others. That's something that's been going through my mind for a few months. As I look around me I see how this person treats that person and vice versa. I see how the treatment differs from someone who is hip to someone who is not hip, someone who is a leader and someone who is not a leader, someone who is someone and someone who is no one and so on. Why is that?

Once you get into the hip crowd, become a leader or someone of importance then it's a different story, for me at least. Things become a little cloudy. Am I trying to be like this person? Is this something I'll do? Simply, is this me? They say being on top is so much better than the bottom. But I don't see it. You can be on the highest mountain and still not see everything as you would have if you were on the bottom. From the top you see ant people, you see buildings that were once big way smaller, it's like a big mirage. But for me, the bottom is the place to be. Not that I am settling for less or that I don't want to set and achieve goals of my own but because it's such a better view. You can see that mural painted on the wall and just the pure beauty of things. You know for sure that it is what it is. No squinting, second-guessing or judgement from others. It's right there. Individualism, Independence, Originality, Uniqueness. At the bottom you take more caution. You know at any moment anything can happen. But as for the top "nothing can really happen," until it actually happens.

It's just how you take it all in really. I've been on both sides of the spectrum. I am treated nicely because I hang with this person (top) or I am over looked because I hang with that person (bottom). But if I had to choose sides, I'd rather be overlooked. Again, I am not being pessimistic. I think being overlooked gives you the opportunity to see from all points of view and how things really are. To me, it's a blessing. You just have to know how to handle it.

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  1. I like your way of looking at this. It's true, sometimes you can see things more clearly if you're not right in the thick of things.


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