Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer Experience

I've been in school for almost a month. Things have calmed down just a bit. I reflect over the summer and it was something else. I had a full schedule everyday. If I wasn't at one place, I was at another. But the one thing that stuck out to me and that I still ponder on is the Step Team that I was apart. It was so much work. Dealing with people is a tough job and I applaud every person that has to deal with people. As I've blogged before (I think) I was in charge of putting the step team together at church. At first everything was almost perfect. We had a lot of people in the beginning who seemed very dedicated. The first show was a success. Then as the months rolled by things began to fall apart. It wasn't a total wreck but it just didn't come out how I wanted it to or how I expected it to. But the good thing is I've learned many lessons.

Dealing with people is something you have to be equipped for, really. I see it as gift and a curse. I was honored to be doing something for my church and for God but the process of actually getting it done was crazy. I can say I was effected by what happened in this group a lot. At the time I really didn't know how to handle it. So I was stressing. I was so focused on whether the pieces were going to be good enough that it became harder for me to remember steps and make them up and simply do what I had to do. It was just crazy. I couldn't wait until we were done with the last show and God's work should never be like that.

Recently, my youth Pastor asked if we could do a show at the end of October. At first I was a little shaky on it and didn't want to do it. I came up with so many reasons why we shouldn't but there is definitely only one reason why we should, God. Once I thought of that reason things began to get a little brighter. Instead of throwing it all away I am trying to come up with ways to make it better. The first time will probably never be right nor the second. But as long as we progress then I am happy with that.

I am excited for everything to just come together and work out for the better.


  1. What kind of show are you doing in October?

  2. a step show for the youth service..they try to get a lot of the youth involved since it is a service for us..:-)


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