Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I/We Have To Put In Work

We had the Grand Opening of our church. It's been in existence for a very long time but we just opened our new sanctuary in our fairly new location. It is so beautiful. I am still amazed because a handful of out faithful members put it together. I am not just talking about a little work here and there but literally the whole project. From plumbing, electrical, flooring etc. The whole works.

Our step group stepped and I noticed that stepping for my church isn't the same as stepping for my school, totally different. When I step for each the adrenaline rush is so different. For school the rush is more of I am so ready to do this and for church it is more hesitant. Also when I step for my school when I mess up I quickly catch myself and continue on. I am nervous but I can think clearly and execute the steps to near perfection. But for church, the nervousness takes over and everything flies out the window. I wonder why that is. It's so weird. I guess I have to put in more work. But the piece sounded really great.

As the service went on though the preacher preached a nice sermon. It was based on be accountable for what is given to our church. Since God is taking us to the next level by expanding our church we have to do something with it and go up to the next level. Then he touched on us all moving together and listening to God and if we mess up just to put it in God's hands because He will be there with us the whole way.

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