Friday, December 4, 2009


Today, I seen the movie "The Shawshank Redemption." It is a movie about a man who is wrongfully convicted and sent to prison. He was a really intelligent man when it came to numbers, accounting and things of that sort. So the warden and other officers in the prison used him for things of that nature. After a while the man was using the prison itself as a way to launder money for the warden. But the man out-smarted the warden and me too! Hours after watching the movie is where the pieces are coming in at.

At the beginning of the movie, the convict gets a rock hammer because he loved to sculpt rocks. Then he noticed how weak the walls were. So he tunneled his way out. Out of nineteen years he was able to hide his rock hammer in the pages of his Bible (cut out the pages) from room searches by the prison guards. The warden was there and took such an interest to him because he had a Bible in his hand. The warden began to question him about the Bible and quoted a few scriptures himself.

As the convict finishes us his escape route out of prison, he switches the accounting book where the warden kept his dirty numbers with the Bible he hid the rock hammer in and wrote a note. The convict was very slick with that and it has me wondering. Never in the movie did the warden open the Bible. The very same Bible he said he lived by and would be a friend to the newly convicted. At first, I liked the warden because he loved the Bible and he quoted a few scriptures here and there. But as the movie played he was so mean and corrupt and I thought how could someone quoting scriptures be so evil. But as I think in the scenes where there was a Bible present, he never turned a single page. If he did, he could of kept up with his dirty secrets.

People talk the talk of being a Christian and they may be able to walk it a bit. But do not be deceived.

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