Monday, December 6, 2010

Perception, Understanding, Decisions

Understanding is key in relationships. Often times friends, partners and even relationships with God don't work out because the relationship lacks understanding. When you can't see eye to eye on a topic, it is because you are not understanding with the other person's understanding. Take the "love languages" as an example. You cannot love someone how you want to be loved but how they want to be loved even if it isn't appealing to you. It is the same concept. We also studied this in my Theories of International Relations class. It is all about each person's own perception. A person's perception encompasses their unique experience, their character, their way of thinking etc, and after you get passed all of that comes their final decision. But in real life, the process is much quicker and sometimes irrational choices are made.

With God, my perception is ever changing because my experience with Him is becoming greater. I am coming to new realizations every single day. It's overwhelming but I am taking it. When you look to the future and the end result, the pain is not that bad. With a change in experience comes a change in my character.I may not have been as forgiving as I should have but as He shows me forgiveness and all the above, my character molds to fit that.

I never really gave this decision making theory much thought until studying it in class. But it is very much true in our interactions with one another. Decisions to do or not to do something make up our lives just as there are atoms that make up other beings and so forth until you reach a solid product.

Perception shapes our understanding which then shapes our decisions that affect our daily lives.

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