Sunday, November 28, 2010

God's Law is Supreme

Think about the economy and how countries measure whether or not their dollar is strong. Before the 30s and the Great Depression they used the Gold Standard. After the Depression they used the American dollar to measure dollar worth and that is still how they measure the strength of currency. This definitely correlates with our understanding of anything. The reason they use one base in measuring the strength of dollars is so no one is confused or lost and that they get their full worth when trading. In Proverbs it says to trust the Lord and not to lean on your own understanding. Previous to that verse they spoke on understand and how to obtain it and all. The truth is God’s word and in order to speak truth we have to gain knowledge from the Bible and live by it, even in our relationships. Again, we were created in His image. Also notice that man’s understanding is faulty because in light of the Great Depression they had to switch it up. But with God, in any and every situation, the base never changes. God’s law is supreme.

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