Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today in our monthly meeting for the women of the church, we discussed friendship. Everyone was talking about how they felt a friendship should be managed and the different rights each person has and such. But to me a friendship is a title I give to people (almost everyone) but as mentioned in the meaning, each friendship is valued differently.

The more I value that friendship the more I'd do for that person and the more I'd give my all to that person. I don't slave away and try to make that person feel like king/queen or base my doings around them. I just be me and they'll be them and we just accept each other. I talked about a friendship that I have that I would never want to trade. We grew up together but when we were younger we would never really talk. But as we grew older we just grew together. I also have friends that I've gotten close to in high school. I say what keeps these friendships going (also mentioned in the meeting) are being able to speak to each other, communication, dedication and things along those lines. Nothing they say can hurt me because I trust them that much. So in my mind they are there to help me be the best me.

None of the previous friendships I wrote about are saved. But I am trying to build that relationship with sisters from my church. So when things are planned I make sure I am there so we can build that bond because that will definitely help my spiritual life. Just as my friends that are not saved tell me that a certain thing is wrong or not worth doing, the same can go for my spiritual sisters. Well that's what I want. I also want to build that type of relationship with the one that matters the most, God. I want the type of relationship where I don't have to question myself anymore. I just want to be able to trust with no doubts. But a relationship takes time. So in time I will have it all.

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