Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Pastor talked about surrendering our will to do God's will. Even though we know that his will is the best thing to do, why does it seem so hard? Everything seems so right and innocent and OK but it's not. It's tough to give up what I want and just do what God says without going in a circle. It sounds nice to surrender to God's will, but the whole process is just crazy. That's my struggle right now. But I am getting a grasp on things.

While I was listening to my ipod I heard a song (I don't know the artist or song right now) and it was talking about the journey being hard and certain people will have to go and Christians are special people. It actually gave me courage to actually face this struggle. Then I hear that we should separate ourselves from the world and what not. I hear the message and it's sinking in bit by it. I have to put my mind into gear to do what God says to do. I have to take action. Because once God takes over I know things will definitely start to change, more people will leave and this battle will not become any easier.

Pray for me!!


  1. I am. And know that you are not on this journey alone, you have the Holy Spirit that promises never to leave you and you have a host of mature saints able to give you wise counsel. Be encouraged in your walk, you are doing good.

  2. interesting blog, & fresh, keep it up!

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