Monday, November 30, 2009

The Greatest Gift

Someone asked me what I had wanted for Christmas. I said nothing. I really don't believe in Christmas. I just think that it is an excuse to spend money or to get something that you normally wouldn't get. When you're a kid it's acceptable but as an adult or older person, I really don't feed into it. But anyways a friend asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted her to read and comment on my blog. She said, "what? That's not a gift!" I said it was. I told her that would be the greatest gift to me from her or any of my friends. To me a lesson learned or a wise word is something that I would cherish forever. I lose things or I don't keep up with them. But I guess she didn't see where I was coming from.

The most simple things are the things that matter the most in this world.

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  1. That is true and I hope that your friend comes through and writes you a note on your blog.


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