Sunday, January 31, 2010


This semester I am taking a few classes on Africa. And is all of the readings it talks about how African history was suppressed for many years because the way they keep their history isn't the same way Americans keep their history. They also bring out the Africans aren't understood by those around them because the people who go there to study them observe rather than learn one of the languages. What they say in Africa may be taken in totally different context here in America, so the language is very important.

I say all of this because I feel very much like the suppressed African culture. People look at me and see what they want to see. When they look at my life or me as a person they make assumptions and judge me from how they would react. As a child of God I understand what I've learned thus far. As a child of God I without a doubt know who is Sovereign and Most High. I understand. Right now spiritually I am in awe at who my God is. I'm dazed. Literally. I am frozen. And naturally it is the opposite. But I know those natural thoughts are those of the flesh and the flesh is that of the enemy. As I sit and meditate, every lesson that is in my head filters through my mind and most of the time I can correlate where I heard this lesson and who taught it. I feel like one of the griots in Africa because I can recall my spiritual life, my history. The griots only share what is important to keep the country going and in tact. They also know all the "secrets" (as they call them) but they never share them.

I am like African history just waiting to be discovered.

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