Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Preach Dr Jeffers, Preeeach

Sometimes we, well I need that extra push and man oh man is Dr Jeffers doing that. When I am being preached and taught to and it really touches the depths of my soul, I can no way no how get it out of my mind. Just like the 2009 conference: The Gathering. Something inside of me will never let me forget that trio. It's like I moved up and when I get discourage those days just replay in my mind to help me stand taller. I won't sink lower than I was on that day and now after Dr. Jeffers preaching these last two day, I think this is my next stepping stone, a challenge to myself.

Today he taught about our sins and how they negate what God is doing and His purpose for his children as a whole. When we sin and do things contrary to God's will, it gives the devil reason to rub it in God's face. Jeffers used the example of a parent raising a kid from birth then at the age of 16 or 17 a stranger comes along and takes your kid that you've raised. The parent is equivalent to God and the stranger is equivalent to the devil. We were all born and come from God and when we come into this world we CHOOSE the other side by doing those things contrary to the Father.

He also taught that the things that we do and what makes our personality and character project who we serve. If we do things out of our own will and feel we can do them on our own and for our glory we are serving the wrong god. But if we act out of love and choose to do the will of the Most High then we serve the Almighty God.

Know who you SERVE!! Do the things of God and live holy. It's time to make a change. Just know that which ever choice you make, right or wrong, God will always be there to see you through. Just trust, believe and have faith. Don't give the devil an opportunity to put our God to shame through our sins. We have to represent out Father, it is bigger than us.

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