Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tithes, Offering & First Fruits

Last Sunday's sermon was about tithes, offering and first fruits and it was pow-er-fulllllll. She said that tithes will break the curse of poverty. The reason for tithes is to keep the House of God running. It's like rent and it has to be paid on time. So if you give to God's house He won't take your finances away. Offering is the blessing. If you give a dollar then you will get a dollar blessing. People get so aggravated when asked to give an offering but aside from the bills, there are leisure activities. Just as women like to get their nails done and guys like to buy splurge so does the church. Churches need money for the activities that you, your children and the other folk at the church like to participate in. The first fruit is the first of what you get. So if you are blessed with a new job and give your first fruits to the House, then you will receive blessing for all to come after.

She stressed the fact that all three were all distinct from one another and you cannot substitute one for the other. We want blessings from God but we don't want to bless Him. How odd!

I haven't always given what I was supposed to and I'd always feel guilty for not doing so. I'd always tell myself, "well He'll understand because I have to pay this bill." That also was an insult because of my lack of faith. God can and will return to you if you give to His Kingdom.I've gotten better and I don't look at it as less money in my pocket but as more money in His Kingdom.

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