Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It Starts With God

I am reading an article on "godliness." I used to think when people spoke of godliness they were comparing themselves to God in the sense that they could become Him. So I was a bit uncomfortable with the term until I got into 2nd Peter. God calls us to be holy and to be godly. I am reading a lengthy article of the subject little by little so I can comprehend and digest it all. The point that it is expands on is godliness is the act of devotion to God. Not your daily Bible study or which ever ministry you're a part of. The article says that in order to practice devotion everything you do and say is for the glory of God. This helped me to understand why I should pray before I do all things whether it is eating, traveling in a car or beginning a meeting. By praying before I start something I realize that I put God first. It is also a reminder to myself that I cannot do it alone. If I pray before doing all things I am putting God's favor over whatever it is.

When We devote ourself to God we begin to serve Him and not the religion. You're not being nice because you have to but because you want to be. God's will becomes your will. People throw in the towel because they're trying to fit into the perfect Christian role instead of serving God. If you serve God then you are the perfect Christian, never the other way around. After you're devoted to God then of course He'll order your steps, you'll be in tune with your Holy Spirit and you'll be able to bounce back from a fall a lot better. We practice godliness to get closer to God. I serve an awesome God!

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