Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Devil's Deception

In Bible Study , Pastor is teaching on the devil's power of deception. That power is also given by God. We all wonder why God would do such a thing. My only reasoning is that God wants the very best. Yes, He can save us all and make accommodations for us in Heavan but that would only breed more souls like satan. Think about it for a moment. As Christians our main objective is to be like Christ. Daily, we are renewing our minds and refreshing our Spirits. We are transforming. We strive to let go of the negative and are learning discipline. This is what supposed to separate us from the world. If there is no separation, whatever is here on earth will be in Heaven. And just from looking at the news channels this world is no where near a paradise. So God allows the devil to tempt us to a certain degree. But the test is only given once God has equipped us.

We are called to put on the whole armor of God. We are to read, study and pray to strengthen our connections with God. If we continually fall into the same trap that means we are weak. But when trouble comes our way and we are able to quote scripture and remind ourselves "it's only a test," we are guaranteed victors. I've experienced it before. I did not think I was good enough. I knew I wasn't serving God in the capacity that I was called to serve in so I believed that I didn't deserve any blessings. I know that God was perfect and I wasn't so why should I even try to make it into Heaven. But my attitude began to change as I sat in church and read more. I had my break through moment when I started to commit myself to His word and not look at myself as being perfect but only striving to be perfect. The second I gave up my fears of not being good enough for God it was like I felt Him sitting next to me commending me and simply telling me to follow Him. I learned that although I am following Him I will step in the cracks but I just have to get up. If I sit there in self pity God will keep moving forward and I will lose track of Him. That's definitely the devil's deception.

Even when I was well passed that point those thoughts try to come back in my mind but I can only laugh at them because I know my God!

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