Sunday, February 7, 2010

BCM Conference

I was able to go to this conference held by Black Campus Ministries (BCM). My friend from school invited me to go so I just went. I didn't ask the details of what it was on. All I knew was it was related to church and spirituality and all of that good stuff so I just went. And I am very pleased I did so. College kids from all over New England was there and the theme was "A Lifestyle Worship." They had a main workshop on that topic and I chose that one to be in and the other workshop I went to was called "Personal Mastery."

The Worship workshop gave us tools to help us worship. He talked about how worship comes from the inside through meditation, prayer, fasting and studying and then it will begin to show on the outside. Outwardly we would make it easier to keep God's word plain. It will also teach us to be alone and just listen to God and then finally submission. The other workshop about mastery was about setting realistic goals for ourselves and sticking to them which will take discipline. When he would ask a question about how one feels about one thing a good amount of people in the room could identify.

Then after the workshops we had a chance to fellowship amongst each other. They had a DJ to play some music for us and everyone was just talking, dancing, playing games and having fun. What amazed me was a whole bunch of people was just dancing and praising God in the front of the fellowship space. It was like our own club. They danced with good taste to God's music and was battling each other. My spirit was happy. I was so amazed to see all of this taking place. Then we simmered down and went into service which was also good.

In the service everyone was worshipping, praising and praying to God. I felt out of place because I never really worshipped in front of people outside of my church family. But when I seen everyone else doing their thing I felt a bit more at ease and joined in with my own praise and worship. He preached about how you cannot turn back into a caterpillar once you are a butterfly. He touched on letting go and how this conference is another starting point for us. It was good! Then I went up for the prayer calls they had as well as a lot of other students and it was just good to be surrounded by them. As we went up I could just imagine what they were going through because I am too. We were just up there like we seen each other on a daily basis. It was a good experience and I thank God that He had put me in the midst of all of that.

It's just so much to write. My next few posts will definitely come from this conference. So much was said and touch on that cannot be covered in one post.

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