Monday, February 8, 2010

Psalms 51

I've always told myself that I cannot remember scriptures and so on and so forth. But I came to the conclusion that I can. In french class we have to memorize poems for the pronounciations of words so I can do the same for the Word of God. So here is another test for myself. I am going to memorize the all 19 verses of the 51st Pslams little by little. Before I go to bed I will recite. When I wake up I will recite and then add on a few verses. This will help me a great deal. Not just for points but personally and spiritually.

The reason why I chose the 51st Psalms to remember was because of God. Something on the inside told me to turn here and it was right on the money. Only God can make us pure and restore us to our true and natural beauty. This chapter was a conviction because I felt it in my heart as I was reading it. Now it is time to repent and become better at it. Faith. We all sin but do not keep using it as an excuse. It's ok. God is good and will forgive every one of His children if you have a heart like Psalms 51. Just keep trying until you've mastered it. Repent. Trust me, it feels good to overcome.


  1. thanks for sharing. I remember most times that i have to memorize verses as well. It's always hard in the beginning but after getting it going, it stick and stays.


  2. you're welcome and thank you for reading. i am up to verse 5 and i know it with ease. very little stumbling. that's what i am going for. keep visiting my blog and share it with others.God Bless!


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