Friday, February 26, 2010

God Is Our Help

God is the father teaching us to ride a bike. The bike is all the good things God has in store for us. We get suited up with elbow pads, knee pads and our helmets. All of this is synonymous to fasting, praying and Bible study. First He'll put the training wheels on for us. With the training wheels, we can't fall because the extra wheels in the back has the duty of not letting the bike lean to the left nor right. These extra wheels is God giving us a taste of His good things. We know the training wheels are on there but we just sit back and let the wind blow through our hair. No worries, no problems.

Then He takes off the training wheels but He is holding on to the handle bars, helping us. Here, we feel a bit unstable but in the end, we know that He will not let us fall. He's our Father. We start to get the hang of it. We say, "LET GO." He lets go, we fall before we finish the first full pedal. But that fasting, praying and Bible study helped us brace our fall. We then ask for more help. He helps. This time we wait a little longer to say let go. When we finally give the command again, He lets go. But this time He runs behind us. By the second full pedal, we fall. But He also helps to brace our fall still letting the pads serve their purpose. We ask for help again. Then we wait even longer to give the command this time. As we get ready to tell Him to let go, you glance behind you and He already let go and is running behind us.

God is our help. If you fall, just ask for help. He will definitely be there to help you.


  1. Powerful article! I never thought about the bike scenario but you definitely nailed it. Continued blessings to you.

  2. thank you for reading..make sure you come back!!


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