Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Proposal

I am going to tell you a story the preacher told us at the conference. He said he had proposed to his wife at 19 years old. It was at the time that he had won a championship ring. So he took the championship ring and put it in a Kay Jewelers ring box and proposed to his wife after church was over. When he proposed she said yes and opened the box. She seen the championship ring on and was rocking it even though it was as huge as a boulder (you should know the size of a championship ring. And on a females hand...HUGE). He then explained to her that later he'll get her a real ring with diamonds and such. But she said she didn't care and that she loved the ring he had already given her. Then he pulled out the ring he described.

Relating to God, the preacher said that it was a test. He couldn't give her the real diamond unless he knew she was going to appreciate it. God cannot give us everything as soon as we ask for it because there would be no value. He has to throw an obstacle at us one day and set us back a couple years for us to get our reward. Without these hardships the things of God will not be appreciated because they come with ease. If we have things the easy way then we'd have no sincerity or passion to get us to where we are going. These tests also produces good character.

So just remember. God is testing us now to get us ready for Heaven.

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