Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Heart and Mind

I remember reading this book about the natural heart, the spiritual heart and the mind. The heart and mind should always be in accord with each other. This isn't how it always works out but with enough time and patience they will soon get there. It's like a wound. In its time of healing you still have a risk of infection and other complications. So you have to make sure to be extra careful to let it heal properly.

Right now, my mind is on the Lord. But I can feel the divide between natural and spiritual in my heart. In order to have the spiritual heart and keep the spiritual heart and be guided with the spiritual heart I have to keep my mind fixed because the natural heart is weak and I admit I have weakness in my heart. Matthew 15:17-20 talks about the heart. It is a persons being. The heart is how we act toward others. As ironic as it may sound but it is not what you put into your body but more of what comes out. Eating with dirty hands doesn't make you unclean. True,the germs will go in I guess and just come right back out., no harm done. But having sin in your heart does make you unclean and that can never come out unless you pray to God.

There will be times where your heart tells you to do one thing and your mind another. The heart is strong but the mind is stronger because it has no feeling. The mind is pure logic.As I've learned many times before in every aspect of life, emotions are no good. Emotions are blinders because you don't want to see any ugliness in anything that is supposed to be so beautiful. But with your mind focused on Christ all else does not matter. And with the right relationship with Him you'll receive the greatest, most truest emotion ever that can never be mistaken and that is pure divine love.

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