Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mohawks and Some More

As I worked homecoming weekend at my school I was able to sit in on different classes. Seeing as I am a tech person, they needed me in the classrooms to make sure that everything worked properly through out the session time. Since our school does not have a football team because of its small size, our homecoming is geared through recruiting potential freshman and raising funds for the school. So they had classes that a most students wouldn't look at, Art History.

In this Art History class the professor was talking about how gruesome the painting looked but by understanding it, it meant the total opposite. It was a 3-tier of Jesus Christ. The first image was Him nailed to the cross with different biblical characters grieving around Him. The second portion was of Him being put into the tombstone by the people who watch Him being nailed to the cross and then finally at the end you seen Him in the sky. But through out each of this pictures she showed us images of Satan. I don't know her religious background but she was explaining from an art historian point-of-view, not a Christian.

The image that sticks with me the most is the Satan in the background with peacock feathers on his head in the shape of a mohawk.I forgot what it was really called but when she broke it down that was what it was. I think it was called a peacock's crown, I don't know, I'll research it later seeing as I am supposed to be writing a six to eight paged paper. But yes, the crazy fad you see a lot of people walking around with, a mohawk. She described that Satan uses the peacock to symbolize immortality and some other stuff.

Do you think if people really knew what a mohawk symbolized they'd still "rock" it? Do entertainers know its meaning and choose to still wear the style?

As she was speaking about this a lot clicked in my mind.Also her seminar will also stick with me too.

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