Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Telephone, Tel-Tel-Ah-Phone

I was in the cafeteria with some friends for a quick dinner. One of the girls that was at the table is a freshman and we're still getting to know her. She also is Muslim and so usually at times like these we'd bombard her with questions. My other friend asked her if she had drank, smoked, ate pork etc? She said no to all of them and the other friend said oo that is good. And I don't know how but her religion came into it but we began to make comparisons between Muslims and Christians.

We stated that although both religions have deviants, Christians stick out more. Why is that? As I think more and more about it, most people associate Christianity with sin while they associate Islam with pure loyalty. Is that a good or bad thing? Are we a sinning religion? Although it is a part of our religion and something that we are forever working on, why is it that that is the only part of the message that reaches others?

It is just like that game "telephone." You can say a phrase or sentence and the only thing that will stick and make it around the circle are the negative, silly or not-so-nice thing. We Christians are supposed to carry ALL of the news, good and the bad.Our testimony! We can't leave it up to others to interpret or write it for us.

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