Sunday, October 17, 2010

Superman Mentality

Today the guest speaker, Ruth Dailey, spoke about being anchored in God. She only got through three anchors but the one that stuck to me most was commonality. She explained that nothing we go through is new. Someone else in close proximity to us is going through the same exact thing but we don't realize it because of the lack of commication that is exercised.

Automatically I thought about my own "commonalities." Who could I talk to? Who do I trust? I couldn't think of a solid person. Although I had a few, they weren't reliable. I've tried a few times to build those type of relationships but they never come out the way I expected and so on. The feeling was not right. It wouldn't be "real talk" but rather regurgitated things that they thought sounded good. I don't need that.

It is always good to take your own advice every once in a while. I told a friend that he shouldn't try to take on the world with a superman mentality because it only makes things worse for him. I feel that superman mentality forming in my mind and honestly I don't think it is a bad thing. I don't want to build a wall to keep people out but I also don't want just anyone close to me.

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