Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be Confident in the Lord

"Be confident in the Lord," keeps coming up in my mind and pressing on me.

Last week another thing was pressing on me. It wasn't anything bad. I felt I was told to tell something to someone but I didn't :-(. That nagging feeling was there for a few hours then I just went to sleep. I told myself that I would say it but then so many other things on why I shouldn't came to mind. But God didn't stop with me. On Sunday my Pastor preached a wonderful message. As I was listening to it, part of it in essence was what I was supposed to say. Throughout the service I was getting on myself for not saying it but then something in me confirmed that the message did indeed get across.

God uses us but we have to be ready. Feelings and doubt cannot get in the way. So I've personally learned. Be confident in the Lord and do as He says.

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