Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Truly Am His And Only His

Well now I have a single room on campus and I really don't like the dark. But since I was sharing a dorm for the past two years it makes it kind of hard to sleep with a light on. So now I usually leave my laptop for a little night light (hehehe) and play praise and worship music and I listen to it as I drift to sleep.

But this one night I was having this horrible dream. Every scary person that played in scary movies were in my dreams: the Boogeyman, Candyman, Jason, Freddy Kruger etc. I don't remember what they were saying but all I remember is they were trying get me be on their side. But every time I refused they would go away and another would come. And the really weird part was I felt I had two minds. In my dreaming state I was calm and just thinking about Jesus but I also felt a part of me was awake and that side was in a panic. That must of been the flesh side because I absolutely without a doubt hate scary movies. Then finally I wake up and before I can open my eyes I rebuked the devil, praised God, heard two words from the music on the laptop and closed my eyes and went back to a peaceful sleep.

Dr. Jeffers was teaching how God promises us a sweet sleep and that's exactly what I got, a sweet sleep. Even though I had that crazy dream, God was with me. Maybe God wanted to see who I'd serve I guess. Or maybe He was testing me because I "fearED" the devil because of his outward appearance. God was probably showing me that there is really nothing to be afraid of and that the devil is all talk. That's what he did in the dream, talked. Only God holds the key to my life, only God can influence me, only God can curse or bless me. So why be afraid of the devil? He ain't nobody!

(I had this dream a week ago and for this past week, I was debating if I wanted to share it or not. I was afraid because I didn't want people to think I was crazy or that I am in the hands of Satan. But over the weekend I felt God pressing me to write this. He told me, not to worry what people think. Why should He do such great works for me and I not talk about them? So hear I am writing about the wonderful things that God puts me through. I truly am blessed. Pray for me!


  1. Wow! Amazing! For the record I don't think your crazy. ;) I enjoyed reading this and thinking about all of this I completely agree. Satan can't do anything. He can try, but he has no power. Jesus is ALL POWERFUL! Thank you for posting this. Definitely the right choice! :) God bless ya' sister in Jesus!!


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