Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Break Down Or Break Through?

I know I've said it time and time again. I've thought about it time and time again. Let go and let God, let go and let God. I thought once I get this in my mind it will be alright. But it wasn't. Today I just became so fed up because I'd put it in the Lord's hands and I'd still end up in the same place. As I broke down and began to cry to the Lord and pray and speak to my God, this same cliche saying was said to me. I told this voice that I did let go but still look at me. I was still in the same mess. But the voice said to me that I really haven't let go. I let go for the moment but strings are still attached. I think I conquered it but when it appears the next time it beats me down even more.

The voice said, "let go." I want to let go and be worry-free but it won't just happen in a split second. It takes time. It's like sky diving. I know if I were to ever do it, I wouldn't just jump of the plane. I would have to build up enough gut and nerve to do it. The voice said, "let God." But I ask myself do I really want Him to? Honestly, I really don't because all I could think about is then and how it used to be. I know better things will come but I am still stuck in the then.

I have the power and only I can make my own decisions. I have to be willing to really let go to let God do what He has planned for me and to get to a higher place. It's all about growth in Christ and the Word and growth within myself.

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  1. My dear, be encouraged in your growing, you have come a long way.But I promise you the more you pray in your heavenly Language the easier it will be to let go and let God. It works when you work it. Take it from one that works it everyday!!!!!!!!!!!


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