Thursday, October 8, 2009

Paul's Reminder To Them And To Us

I've been reading and pondering the first four chapters of Ephesians and it pretty much goes with my last entry about exhorting and it also is a reminder to me of why I should stay in the body of Christ and continue to do His good works. Paul told the people in Ephesus that God already had something planned for them. He told them about the Holy Spirit and how to treat one another and how to just grow as people in Christ. All of this in four short chapters. This goes to show Paul was about his business. He broke it down and told them plain and simple. But simplicity is sometimes complex.

We know that God chose us before we chose Him and that we are here to fulfil His Will. But as I pointed out before, it's hard to do the will of someone else, even God. But Paul tells the people that he himself do what he does out of kindness and out of love. And we should do the same for God. We should do His will because we love Him so much.

Paul reminds the people that they were so filthy and consumed with the world but God made a way for them to become clean and pure and righteous again. He tells the people it was God's grace and mercy and most importantly, His love that set them free. A generous gift from God. And for that gift they should do the works that God predestined them to do and to do them in an honorable manner so He can get the glory in the end.

All in all, God is a good God..


  1. Amen!! Yes, He is a GOOOOOOOOOODDDDD God!! :D Have a blessed Sunday!!

  2. Preach girl preach. I am proud of you.


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