Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today was definitely a blessing. We were told that we were going to talk with homeless people. I thought that it would be in a shelter or in a pre arranged meeting. But it wasn't. We had to literally sit on the street and talk with them. When I went to talk with the man (with a partner of course), so many things were going through my mind. I thought that he was going to lash out on me and harm me but as time went on, it was so much better. We all became more comfortable talking with each other. We encouraged him to keep it up his faith and continue to hold on. We prayed for him and then left. he will always be in my mind because I never knew how it felt. Sitting with him opened up so many emotions for me because for a second I was in his shoes. He was so shocked he kept saying that we had stopped to talk with him and you can see it all over his face and in his movement.

We also walked around and prayed for the community. People were looking at us and some were making comments toward us because they haven't seen a lot of white people. But the thing that stuck me was we were walking around and this little boy asked if we were Christian. We replied yes and he said I am Christian too and then declared he was apart of our group as well as other kids. It was cool to see that kids would claim Christianity. We just prayed and walked.

This program is helping me to come out of my comfort zone. I've been praying out loud and sharing my views on the topics at hand. It had really been an experience for me.

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