Monday, March 15, 2010

The Plunge

Adjusing to this place is kind of tough. But I have to make do with what I have. Little by little I have been opening up. Not just to the new ways of experiencing God but also through new people. Most of the people here are totally different from me and I am warming up to that idea. On Sunday there was only a choice between a Black Catholic Church and a multi-ethnic church. The list for the multi-ethnic grouo filled up quick and I had no choice but to go to the Black Catholic Church. I didn't know anything about them except they put the Virgin Mary in their "honors." But as much as I tried to plead I couldn't go to the Baptist Church down the street.

This church was different. It didn't seem like a Catholic church and I was mad about that in a way. They sang and danced and ALL believed in the Holy Spirit and from what I learned that wasn't the case for them (correct me if I am wrong). I didn't feel that they were being true to the meaning of Catholic. And I don't understand if it was right or wrong to think that? But after fighting and what not, God does work! As I began to let go some things go, I've began to become more appreciative of what was happening.

The first track day was themed addiction for me. I went to a house for men who have been sober from drugs for atleast a month and we talked it with him. Then we went out to an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. I heard them speak. They didn't know that I was visiting. So I heard them speak. A key thing is that those meetings put in them that there is a higher being. They call Him God but at as you understand them. Funny thing was they knew that they couldn't handle it on their own. Then I went to hear a woman who spoke about her being the director of a facility who housed women and men who just came off the street from homelessness and addiction. It was very motivating for me. It pushes me to go forward to contine to want to do this work in my own community.

Last thing was that we had this food rationing scenario where some got food and some didn't. Some had grand meals and others had just enough. It was eye opening. This plunge is definitely something that is needed elsewhere.

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