Friday, March 5, 2010

One Hundred: Reflection

I first started my blog because of my youth Pastor. I don't care how old I get, she'll always be my youth Pastor, mine. But I started because of her (copy the "Talia Rivera's Blog" url on the left side). When I read her blog, it blew me away. She was getting way deep and I wanted to do the same. I am not one to speak about me so I started this blog to speak about me, to speak up. I felt that having a blog would allow me to be something that I normally wouldn't be when I am around people. It really has helped me to become a bit bolder in my speech. It has encouraged me to step up and really deal with issues I would normally suppress.

From the first post until now, I feel that my blogging has gone a bit deeper. At first I wrote more Bible-based posts. As time went on, I threw in some life stories, some feelings, some praise, some motivation, some thoughts and some questions. A whole variety of topics. At a point in time, I actually stopped writing (the summer of 2009) because I didn't want people to know what was inside my head and I didn't want them to know me. Then I came back and just kept to it although I did get discouraged again. But it was just a bump in the road and I am over it. Writing this blog has brought so many emotions and thoughts out and right now I'd have to say it was all worth it. I am content.

I write because I love to write about my God and what He is bringing me through both good and bad. Sometimes I am not as blunt on certain posts as I am on others but trust, every post has a story behind it. I love to bring my thinking here so everyone can read it because a lot of people are like me, always wondering and trying to make sense. God is definitely using this blog to get through to people and I thank Him for that. If He wasn't, I wouldn't of made it this far. The times I did try to quit it didn't work.

But I thank my followers for supporting me and I also thank you all for the posts you've posted. They've helped me also. So as I give on this blog, I also receive because my followers each have something that helps on this journey. I also want to that my Pastor for supporting me ever since she got my blog address and for helping me to stay focused on it. And also God for using me, building me up and making me confident with me. He is a great God and there is no one like Him. I pray that He'll just continue to bless others and I through this blog.

Thank you all again. God Bless!

I believe I have truly come a long way in this Christian walk and through this blog.


  1. Wow, it's so cool to read how blogging has taken you on a journey with the Lord. I haven't been blogging that long, but I'm looking forward to the places God will lead...

  2. definitely has..can't give up now..i know He'll lead you some place you want to be..

  3. I am very proud of you.Love you lots


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