Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is Jesus Enough For You

The first day in DC has been interesting. There are about 35 college aged students here. It's called the Urban Plunge. Basically what I get from the program is they come here to DC in the urban area and talk about the different aspects of city life and how the people are affected by it. The first day the topic of race came up and how the people on Captiol Hill are trying to change DC completely around. They don't want people coming to Washington to the White Hous and all they see around it is poverty. So they're in the midst of changing that by charging more for rent and building condo. But that's a story within itself.

But there was this lady who talked with us that night. She works for the FDA is DC and her topic was, is Jesus enough for you? It was a good topic. But it could of had a better effect on the audience f she really gave it to us. But that is just opinion. It didn't make me think because that question is something that we all ponder all the time. But I never answered that question until yesterday. My answer was no. I know that Jesus is more than everything and He can supply more than I'll never need or desire but I feel as though I still chase those worldly things. I continue to seek other things to satisfy me and I am sometimes unconsciencly dependent on them too. So now as I realize I do this, I take a step back and check myself.

So we as Christians have to really be on that. We can't say Jesus is enough if we sare still dependednt on other things. Could you really sit back and just take what's handed to you by Jesus? No supplements, just Jesus.

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