Friday, March 5, 2010

My Satisfation

I thank God for my new phone. It has all those cool apps and one of the first ones that I downloaded was the Bible app. It really does come in handy. I can study from my bed (yes, lazy me) and even while I am on the go. But while some friends and I were going skating, I began to feel some sort of way. It was awkward. We were still in route to the rink and it all just hit me. It's the weekend. On a typical weekend at school people get together and drink, hang out with their boyfriend or best friend, go places that are exciting, party and any other thing you can think of. But in my life none of that fits right now.

So I repeated to myself was, "God is my comforter." I even thought back to how my Pastor had the Deacon demonstrate with how God covers us in our time of need. But I needed more than just a heed. God didn't actually talk to me but I know that He was right next to me. I decided that I'd push those thoughts out of my mind because I am not like the rest of them. I can't compare myself to them because they don't do what I do. Did I mention that I love my new phone. Well I pulled out my phone and used my Bible app and just read a chapter. That chapter (didn't relate to anything at the moment) just made me feel a lot better. I was reading God's word. That was enough for me.


  1. There is never anything wrong with reading Gods' Word. Ps 19:7 says The law (Word)is perfect converting the soul. Thanks for joining my site. Looking forward to reading yours.

  2. thanks..i've already started enjoying made me laugh like the whole way through..


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