Monday, November 16, 2009

Be Transparent For That Brother Or That Sister

A topic that keeps popping up in my head and that was touched on yesterday in Sunday School and during the Word was "transparency." I didn't really learn what transparency was until probably earlier this year when Pastor King came to our church to preach and teach. He'd always say "I want to be transparent for ya'll" and I never really got it until visit after visit. I always say to myself how could one be transparent (I never heard this phrase), and as I kept questioning myself and I got my answer. It was a simple one: he wanted to be our example here on earth. He didn't want us to make the same mistakes that he has made. He wants us to take from his life and apply it to our own. He wanted to be transparent, for us to see through.

In Sunday School we talked about not having to go to a man to confess our sins. We can simply go straight to God through Jesus Christ because Jesus is our advocate, not man. So as the teacher explained that and wrapped that segment up, he ask "Is it ever necessary to confess to someone?" I immediately said no because of the conversation we just had. And then I thought that no one needed to know what I do. All they need to know is that I am trying to get to God. And at an instant transparency popped up into my mind.

If we were more transparent for our brothers and sisters do you think that sin would occur as much as it does? I know everyone sins and we're not perfect but it could be that much easier if more people were bold enough, including myself, to be transparent for that person sitting next to them or that person sitting across the room secretly watching. We all go through it and probably the exact same thing. You don't have to be transparent in the sense of you're telling every single detail but to just let that person know that you are struggling with this and that and it could be a blessing to that person. It could also hold us accountable for our actions.

So my next challenge to my readers is to be transparent for that brother and sister. You'll be surprised at how many relationships grow and sprout.


  1. You wrote some truth in this post! Great observations on transparency.

  2. Wow! I must agree with you on the whole topic of transparency. TRUTH, the great rapper released an album called "Open Book". His point being that our lives are an open book and that to live life in a transparent way is to allow men and women read us for who we are and not for who we pretend to be. As a young writer and born again believer, you are years ahead of your contemporaries if you can master living a life of transparency. LIVE CHRIST LOUD....


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