Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Three Little Pigs/Christians

Building is the key. Once we build it is not so easy to be destroyed IF we work hard, diligently, consistently and faithfully. Synonymous to the Three Little Pigs. They knew the wolf was coming and in our case we know that trials and tribulations and hard times will occur but we don't prepare for them. One made his house of straw, one made his house of sticks and the third made his house with brick.

The first pig like many, was lazy. The notion of just having "something" put up to protect him from the wolf would be OK. And he was confident in that. So when the wolf came and asked to be let in, the pig challenged him thinking that his house would withstand this trouble. The wolf blew it down and ate the pig. Probably at the last moment the pigs final thoughts were probably "why was I so lazy." And that is many of us at the beginning stages.

The second pig, wasn't as lazy as the first. He took time out and built his house with sticks. He knew it was stronger than straw and was completely sure that his house wouldn't get blown away because it was better. So the wolf comes, tests the second pig like the first and the same thing happened. The pig was eaten. His last thoughts were probably, "why me? I build my house better than my brothers."

The last pig knew that building his house wasn't going to be easy but he had to do it or face the same fate as the first two pigs. So he built a strong house of bricks. So when the wolf came and tested the third pig, he was beyond confident. He was bold and then some. The wolf couldn't get in no matter how much he tried. He climbed to the roof but the little pig saw him and lit a fire in the chimney. As the wolf lowered himself down and felt the fire he was gone and the pig lived happily ever after.

I am striving to be like the third little pig. It is not enough to just put up a wall (a weak one too) and think that that would be enough to fight off the devil. It is not enough to look at our neighbors and "learn" from their mistakes but still fall victim. The third little pig was something. He was so prepared that he in turn played his own little prank on the wolf.

We know the enemy is here to steal, kill and destroy so we have to prepare for the worse and put our faith in God that He will deliver us. In a Christian sense, God will tell us what kind of house we need to build he will help with those sneak attacks. We just have to build relationship to grow in Christ.

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