Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Protector

Last night my friend I were pulling an all night in one of the academic buildings. It's a pretty big building. Well it was like early morning and everything was so still and so quiet and that creeped me out a lot. I was so scared I asked her to come with me to the bathroom with me which was on one floor down. But she refused and I went alone the first time but prayed all the way down there and all the way back.

A few hours later I had to go again and so I went, heard a noise and came back and begged her to come with me and she finally came. But we went to separate bathrooms and I thought she had left me. So I worshipped and praised because I was still scared. But after a few moments I began to take my time. I washed my hands properly, looked in the mirror, fixed myself. But the whole time she was standing outside the bathroom.

We ran back up the stairs and she said, "Jessy you weren't afraid anymore." And without thinking or hesitation I said, "I was praying," then she laughed and I thought about it and laughed too. It was weird for a split second that I had said it to her because people still are surprised when I tell them about my church experience. But I laughed it off with her.

My God was in that building with me protecting me as I asked for protection.

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