Sunday, November 15, 2009

Patch It Up

Today we talked about temptation. Our foundations class teacher said that temptation is an act of being enticed to do something that is forbidden by the Word of God. Temptation is not the actual sin but it is the birthing ground of sin. Whether we let that temptation come to light or we suppress it, it can tell our true character. It lets us know where we need to be strengthen at and it also shows us what we need to look out for and where to put the patches.

So to go off of that, we as well as myself need to work on being tempted. If we get through out temptations surely a blessing will follow. Blessings are tests to get to the next level. If we can't handle them at a beginner level we sure enough won't be able to handle them once we take new positions and such.

And if we are tempted and we follow through with it to make it a sin, don't be discourage. But also be honest with yourself because God doesn't give us more than we can bear. I know I don't want to be known as a weakling in God's eyes. When He looks at me, I want Him to see a human being who tried beyond her best. A human being that fell, got up and stood tall, and fell again but still got up and stood tall for His glory.

It is not easy at all. But nothing is ever easy and there is a cost to everything whether you see it or not. So lets work on patching up the holes that temptation has been getting through. And ready again to patch up which ever areas become worn out. We have to be ready.

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