Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thee Most Amazing God..EVER

I have TWO good pieces of news to share!!

First, God is definitely in the miracle working business!! This morning my Pastor was called to pray for all of those who was sick and I was one of them. I had this really bad cough for weeks and I say bad I mean bad. When it first started off it was weak. Then as time progressed it became worse. Once I let out a small cough to clear my throat a series of coughs would follow. As more time progressed I began to lose breath. And just yesterday as I was coughing some pain came into both my sides.

When the call was made I contemplated whether I should go or not. I thought my problem wasn't big enough. After all it was just a cough, nothing serious at all to worry about. But then I just got up and after she prayed I went to sit down and let out a little cough to see if the series would follow. But it didn't. I said "I'll wait a while for some stuff to build." And here I am hours later. I left out a cough, nothing. I make myself cough some more nothing. No cough attacks, no hurt throat NO MORE COUGH!!

Nothing is too small. I wasn't in my full health and God healed me.

Second, I want to start a program in my hometown. So I am entering this contest to win a grant which will help me with finances. It is very similar to what my Youth Pastor does but a few twists and with my own ideas and such. For some reason I told my mother what I wanted to do and that if I am able to start this program it will open many doors for me in the working field once I graduate. Well my older brother's ex girlfriend (I was probably between 7 and 9) happened to see my mother and was talking and asked how we all were doing and my mother mentioned this idea to her. Come to find out the lady is in the area where I would need some help in and gave my mother her contact info.

When my mother told me she gave her her number for me I was like why does she want to talk to me and blah. Then she told me everything that happened. I thanked God. I was so excited. Even though it is just a number it is still a way in and a starting place. I don't even know what to say. I haven't spoke to her in so long. I've been thinking about what to say to start the conversation. Maybe it will just be business, maybe she'll want to know more about me or my brothers. I don't know. But I am just searching for the words. Whether I have something to say or not she will be hearing from me real soon.

God is really amazing. Truly amazing. Thee most amazing.

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