Saturday, April 25, 2009

Different Lights to a Different Setting

I was talking to a friend and I told her how I felt about her spiritually and such. I went on to talk about how I felt about our mutual friends and how everyone was special. I told her that we all have attributions of God and that we each possess something that is so unique from the next. And since each person differs we see certain situations differently which is not a bad thing. We all shine! In my walk right now I (carefully) look to these peers of mine to push myself further and to learn more about God. We are all different lights to a different setting. We are all intertwined and lean to each other for understanding. So if one is dim then that affects the whole group. We have to keep each other in check because if we lose one, we risk losing all.

I feel that being the age that we are and deeply dedicated to God that we are rare individuals. And usually when something is rare it gets abused and is taken away from what it was really supposed to be for. Diamonds weren't made to be worn on fingers. It is our responsibility to keep each other grounded and hungry for the Lord.

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