Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting Through to Them

Today I got the privilege to teach the youth (teen years) sunday school class. When my Youth Pastor (female) called me in the morning I thought she was just teasing me. So I said okay I'll teach. I was waiting for the line where she said "naw, I'm just messing with you" but that didn't come. I asked her what I should speak on and she talk about your blogs on decisions. So for a short period of time I made up in my mind I'd speak about decisions. But that wasn't enough.

A little while back as I was getting into my studies for some reason I kept reading Galatians over and over again. I asked myself why was I coming back to the same book but I guess this was the purpose. But since this was a month or so ago I had to brush up on it. I had my notes all set before the start of sunday school. I was really nervous even though I spent a couple years with them. It was different now that I was teaching. I started to stumbled across my words and repeat sentences. My Spirit told me to calm down and to just speak and I did.

The lesson ended up ending before time was up and I asked the teens if they had anything else to say. I told them it was OK to ask questions and I told them how I felt when I was asked to ask a question. By the end of the sunday school were discussing "how to stay Holy." I believe that they need these type of talks because they are at the age where they want to do things of the world and of course want to live for God but in the midst of that, things become complicated. So I want to be someone they look up to as an example. I don't want to see none of them back slide as I did. I know it will be a difficult task but it can be done. They need that intervention and constant reminder of the Lord.

To make things better the Pastor opened up with being hot or cold. And that's what was brought up in our conversation. They said it's hard to stay hot for the Lord when they want to live in the world. Then right after that she talked about faith and that was another thing I suggested to the teens. I kept repeating over and over to them once they have faith everything else will fall in line and the Spirit will just move and guide you. I thank my Holy Spirit for leading me and I pray I get through to them.


  1. Sounds like your Sunday School lesson went great! What's great about the Lord is that He can use any little thing you say in ways you wouldn't even think of . . . I'm sure you gave them something to think about.

  2. Keep pushing forth Jess, this is only the beginning of how the Lord wants to use you, im so proud of you. Continue to stay different and peculiar.


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