Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What The Statistics Say & What I Say

Looking back I'd consider myself a very good student. In elementary school I made honor roll on every single report card and had the option to skip a grade. I also was a top performer in my classes. I always answered the questions correctly and was ahead in math and reading. In middle school I didn't make honor roll every report card but I was still a good student. At the end of sixth grade I was placed in honors classes and was apart of the school basketball team. In high school I was in some advanced classes and still my grades were on point. I was active in school and was apart of the cheerleading squad and a dance group for some time, as well as the girls basketball team and little groups here and there. I ended up graduating in the top twenty percent of my class.

By looking at the academics alone, I was considered the best of the best. But in the real world and looking at the bigger picture I am starting to get a different picture. In class since Boston is a major city we always have some type of reference to it when given statistics. Today we were given the stats for graduation rates and such comparing black students to white students. There was a huge gap. Blacks were at about 53% graduating on time while Whites were in the lower 80%. In articles I read that public education was not as good as a private education and blah blah blah.

I've heard it all before. As a public school student I do feel that we aren't given the resources that are needed to obtain the same education as those in private schools but we work with what we have. I feel that I took advantage of what I was given and made the best out of it. That's what we are told, to work with what we have. Now look where I am. I am at a college that is recognized nationally because of my high school teachers and guidance counselors. They were tired of the stereotypes made about public school students and go beyond to help those who are willing to succeed. And I am grateful for that. I am also tired of statistics saying what statistics are saying about how much I can accomplish and such. They don't realize it but it makes it that much easier to give up. But I am going to keep going to keep fighting and moving forward to the difference in my family and for those around me.

And of course thanks to God for the wonderful experiences I've gone through. I feel that I have a better outlook on life than most and values to treasure and to teach those behind me. I say that because people don't realize that they are privileged in America and don't have to go through certain stuggles. Nothing is obvious until you actually go through it and experience it.

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