Monday, April 27, 2009

He Definitely Comes Through

I applied for a summer grant for the summer of 2009 which is for students who are taking on an unpaid internship. The deadline was April 3 and after submitting the proposal for the grant I prayed and asked God to award me this grant. Even though it's not millions of dollars I still had many plans for it. But I had to keep in my head that I couldn't ask God for something and He not get any glory from it. So I decided to go to South Africa with my church in December with the money and use the other half for school.

Well after submitting application all the applicants received an email back stating that everyone will know whether they were awarded the grant or not by the weekend of April 24. When the 24th came I kept checking my email over and over and like 50 times a day. The 26 came and still I got no email response. As I was sitting in my french class something told me to check my mailbox. So I went and checked my mailbox. Mind you I don't receive much mail. When I opened it there was a white paper about exams week, a lime green paper on dorm key returns and a (school name goes here) envelope with my name and mailbox number. I thought it was for a class or a dinner that I was invited to. But once I opened it, it was a letter for the grant I applied for. I was awarded the summer grant! I thanked God.

I was awarded this grant from God because if I wasn't I wouldn't of been able to work in His house like I would have wanted to. This summer I believe is my time to work in His house. My Pastor wants me to coordinate a step team and that's a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time. I also want to do a few days a week at the church camp (if they have it this summer), go to Bible Study consistently, fellowship with my church family and go to South Africa. I cannot do all that plus work a regular job. So at least I am starting off with something. I still have to work at my regular job of course, but not as hard as I would have.

Thank God!!


  1. I'm glad you got the grant! God is good. *smile*

  2. miss jess i am soo happy for you!


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