Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Loss of Words: Stuck on Stupid

I love my blog :-D !! I like to re-read it to keep myself encouraged and to see what's going through my head. What I noticed was, I am not a good word person off paper or blog post or however you want to name it. I am the worse person to ask to do anything that involves a freestyle of words verbally. Usually I'd say some things and then later wish I could add on to it to make it sound so much better or other times I'd have a list of things I want to say and then forget them by the time I come face to face with a person. It's bad.

I hate writing but deep down inside I love it. I'd rather send an email, text or message of any sort that have a conversation with a person. That technically is writing. I try to practice using my whole vocabulary index in my head but it never comes out right. Maybe that's why I hate arguing or speaking aloud. The words...just don't...quite formulate correctly.


  1. Hi there! I'm Callie - nice to meet you! I'm that way too, usually after talking with someone about something important, later I think of something I could have said that would have been oh-so-much better. I know exactly what youa re talking about.
    I've been enjoying reading your blog so far! I'm glad you found me on here!

  2. thank you for following and reading..
    safe to say i am glad i am not alone..lol


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