Monday, April 27, 2009


People are really selfish. I've seen it through out my life. I can be guilty for being selfish too. Sometimes it's something that just happens without knowing. It goes deeper than you. It goes deeper than me. It goes deeper than me and you. It goes as deep as me, you and every body else. Now that's deep. Deeper than what we imagined. But people don't realize it because of selfishness. Selfishness is truly blinding. You don't want to be wrong because you have to be right. You don't make mistakes because you've stepped over something like this before. You, you, you. But what about me? Is that selfish? To ask about me when I am talking about you? What about me? Now I have to work a little harder and feel a piece of me lose a little life. Keeping up with your selfishness is burden on my back. But of course you don't feel it because you're not me. You just think I am tired from everything else around me when in reality I am tired of you.


  1. As true as this blog is, don't become blind by the selfishness Jess, its unhealthy in all aspects. Remember don't go back, keep moving forward, even if people don't see what chapter your on, just tell them to keep up. Continue to be embedded in the chapters of Christ.

  2. This is so true time their selfishness will be exposed for what it truely is!!!! God will eventually humble it down!!!! And it sux that the effect is so great on you....but your one of the strongest peeps i know and you've been telling me TAKE IT TO GOD and the rest will follow....


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