Friday, April 17, 2009

His Presence

I feel that my faith is becoming greater in God. No, I did not lose faith or was of little faith but it doesn't hurt to go higher. When you're stuck in one spot for a long time, it starts to get boring. So I am just taking it step by step and going higher.

The point of this blog is to tell you that my God is real and He proved it to me once again. I was in a lot of physical pain last night. I couldn't even sleep through it or focus on anything for too long. I started thinking about God. But my mind started to drift. Then I started up my prayer again. I asked for the pain to go away. Little by little the pain eased and I really felt the presence of God on me, for myself. Usually when I am in church the speaker says "God is in this place, give Him some praise." But I actually felt it for myself.

Once I felt His presence I told myself to take advantage. I changed my prayer from my pain to those I've been praying for, for forever. It felt so good! After He left me, I fell asleep giving praise.

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  1. And to think,that is available you everyday, isn't that awesome.


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