Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day One: The Gathering

Tonight was truly a blessing (for me at least)! Some of what I've been going through and some of what I've been thinking was said tonight plus more. We had three speakers who spoke for approximately one hour each and about four minute breaks in between each. But it didn't even seem that long.

What amazes me still is how we had three speakers who didn't come together at all and all of their stories went hand in hand and just fed off of each each other. The word was on going in the wilderness to go through a process to be what God wants us to be. All of that from three people. God really does do some things that will leave you in awe. I know this makes me believe even more than I did when I walked into the conference.

My highlight of the night was when Reverend King started telling us this "deep" story. When he got to the end of the story, it wasn't deep at all. We all thought he was going to relate it back to God but he didn't. We all just laughed. But that's how hungry we were for the Lord.

Now that I've heard the word I have to do the word!

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