Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Thinking About Him

When my thoughts are idle, He seems to find a way in. After I've finished doing this or that, He always tops it off and I can say another lesson learned. I know He is by my side but still I dwell on when will everything work out. When will all my uncertainties become certain and when will I know atleast some of the facts. He's brought me this far and I thank Him for that. I could of been anything else and been every else but I am still here. I never thought love could be like this but He is definitely my love song. I want to spend every unoccupied second with Him. He teaches me everything there is to know. I can read His words over and over again because His words never become weak. The same lesson I could learn 100 different ways and it could stil be unique. He pushes me to go above and beyond thus making me recognize a side of me I never knew. Without Him, where would I be?

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