Thursday, March 5, 2009

Islam vs. Christianity

Last semester when I was signing up for classes for this semester this one particular class stuck out to me, Political Science 347: Islamic Political Thought. I thought to myself, "this class would be perfect for my major and it will give me insite to what the Islamic world is really about." So all through out the summer (not everyday) I was thinking about this class and what it would be like and what I would learn.

As we started getting into our two-day-a-week sessions we were given background on Islam and then we moved to Islamic scholors stand point. Then the subject of Islam vs Christianity came up. The main arguement that he made was Christianity is a weak religion with no political structure. My head shot up. Then he said it's a religion of suffering and abandonment and that Prophet Muhammad was stong and authoritative. I began to think of my the Bible stories I had learned. He told the story of when Jesus was on the cross he of course suffered and He asked God why had He forsaken him. The professor seen this as abandonment and I see why. He made the point that Prophet Muhammad and Allah would never forsake his own. But if he knew anything about Jesus his Father didn't really leave Him. Jesus could of easily said I am not the Son of God and walk away. But because He is loving he died for our sins no matter the cost.

He came to the conclusion of Christianity being weak because throughout Jesus' life he preached to all that he could but still he didn't have many believers. Prophet Muhammad on the other hand he explained was told to deliver a message from their god and he did that plus more. He said Prophet Muhammad not only gave the message but he made sure people followed it.

I didn't believe what he was saying but it made me think about my religion more. Jesus was no where near weak. All he could do was bring the message and if people followed then God would bless them and if they didn't follow then God really showed who he was. As the saying goes "you could lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink." So the unbelievers could die of thirst or simply drink the water. It's that easy.

I in every way respect what Muslims believe. If I didn't my main focus wouldn't be on them. But as I get deeper into Islam I also have to get deeper into Christianity and put on my armor as my Pastor says.

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