Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Bit of This and That

My Christian Walk has changed. Now I am more eager to seek God. Not only does the Bible motivate me to do the things of God with all it's wonderful stories but my church family also motivates me. Most of them has a different characteristic (natural and spiritual) that I so love about them.

There is this one sister that brightens my day. You don't have to say any thing to her and she will just look at you and smile so hard you could barely see her eyes. But don't get it twisted she knows her word. There is another sister who I really like. I haven't known her for very long but she is too sweet and a fighter to me. All the times that I've see her she is always happy except one time. But this is where I see the fight in her. She never lets anything get her down for too long and I like that. My youth Pastors are amazing. They are too funny to watch and listen to. The husband always gets on the wife for her big lips and the wife gets on the husband. But I like them because they want to see me as well as the other youths do good. They show it through their work that they love. And there is this one brother who I look at as my big bro. We've grown closer over the past month or so and he's been nothing but an influence to me. My Pastor above all is a great influence. Just watching her preach and teach every Sunday is a blessing itself. But even when she isn't preaching she is just a lovable person you can't seem to draw yourself away from.

I don't think my church family could be matched any better than it is now. We all go through this walk but everyone comes from different paths. So not every person is the same. I see so much in each of them and it makes me want to reach their level and more. Sometimes I feel I can just sit in their presence or talk to them 24/7 about things of God and not mind it.

So as I keep pushing forward in this Walk I am appreciative towards all of them whether they know it or not. They are my motivators and as long as they keep rooting for me I'll be alright.

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